‘American Horror Story’ season 10 title has been revealed

Complete with an eerie video of waves crashing against a shore

American Horror Story season 10 has revealed its title – watch the announcement video from series creator Ryan Murphy below.

The forthcoming season will see the return of series regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, as well as newcomer Macaulay Culkin.

Details of Culkin’s “insane part” in the anthology horror series were revealed last year by Murphy, who explained he was interested in “the older, more recent stuff that [the actor] did”.


A new Instagram video announcing the series’ title saw waves crashing against a shore alongside the words: “The title of AHS 10 is Double Feature. Two horrifying stories…one season.”

See the video below.

Earlier this month, Murphy shared an on-set image of Culkin in character alongside Leslie Grossman, and captioned the post:  “Something wicked this way comes. American Horror Story Season Ten.”

Speaking about Culkin’s role last summer, Murphy explained: “So, I have this very, very great insane part. And I asked to speak to him on the phone and he said ok. [When] I cast, I never let people read things, usually. I said, ‘OK, here’s the pitch’.

“And I told them the character and I told him he has crazy, erotic sex with Kathy Bates and does other things. And he paused and he goes, ‘This sounds like the role I was born to play’. So, he signed up right then and there.”


Last November, Murphy posted the official poster for American Horror Story season 10 on Instagram, which shows the tongue of a sharp-toothed character being tattooed with “AHS10”.

There is no release date confirmed for American Horror Story season 10 yet – stay tuned for updates.