Aubrey Plaza joins ‘The White Lotus’ season two

She'll be joining Michael Imperioli

Aubrey Plaza has officially joined the cast of The White Lotus season two.

The actor, who recently starred in Happiest Season and Black Bear, will feature in the forthcoming new crop of episodes of Mike White’s hit HBO dark comedy.

The White Lotus, written and directed by White, is a dark comedy drama which follows a group of visitors on holiday at a Hawaiian resort. The second season, also helmed by White, will move location and feature a new cast at a different White Lotus hotel.


Aubrey Plaza is set to play Harper Spiller, a woman on holiday with her husband and his friends, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

She will be starring alongside The Sopranos star Michael Imperioli, who has been cast as Dominic Di Grasso, a man “travelling with his elderly father and recent college-graduate son”.

The only cast member from the first season rumoured to return is Jennifer Coolidge, who played unstable wealthy woman Tanya McQuoid.

In a five-star review of The White Lotus, NME wrote: “There is so much there, all the time, bubbling to the surface, and it would take an impatient viewer not to be seduced by it all.

“Rarely is there a moment where one of the guests isn’t unhappy or angry, confused or offended, and White manages to balance it all without the whole thing feeling false or like the worst parts of a soap opera.


“This, as many failed TV shows prove, is a Herculean effort. We should scoff them up while we can.”

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