‘Bad And Crazy’: Watch Wi Ha-joon and Lee Dong-wook perform their own stunts

"It wasn't scary, because [the stunt team] were experts," said Lee Dong-wook

New behind-the-scenes footage of tVN’s latest K-drama series Bad And Crazy series have showcased lead actors Wi Ha-joon and Lee Dong-wook performing their own stunts.

In light of the series’ recent premiere, streaming platform iQIYI shared footage of the filming process behind the multiple brutal encounters between Wi and Lee’s characters, Ryu Soo-yeol and K, respectively.

In the clip, both Wi and Lee are seen performing their own stunt sequences with the guidance of the stunt team present on set. They include an intense fight in a bath house, a scene where Ryu Soo-yeol is almost run over by a motorcycle, as well as a separate fight sequence taking place in the rain.


“It wasn’t scary, because [the stunt team] were experts,” Lee Dong-wook assured of the experience of performing multiple takes of dangerous stunts. “They are trained to perform in this kind of situation, so I trusted them.”

Lee also added that he didn’t forget to “trust myself too”, adding that “I’m not dumb either, I would have dodged [the attacks] too”. He concluded that the cast and crew were able to film these scenes “safely” as a result.

The drama follows two wildly different men – Ryu Soo-yeol, a pragmatic and successful detective with questionable morals, and K, a righteous yet hot-headed and reckless young man.  Despite their opposing personalities, the duo begrudgingly team up to fight against evil and crime, while battling corruption within the force.

Helmed by The Uncanny Counter screenwriter and director duo, Kim Sae-bom and Yoo Seon-dong, Bad And Crazy is now airing on South Korean broadcast network tVN and streaming on iQIYI, with its first two episodes now out.