‘Batman’ actor says he was told to take pills to shrink his penis for role

Batman's sidekick “had a very large bulge for television”

Batman actor Burt Ward has revealed that he was told to take pills to shrink his penis for the role of Robin in the popular 60s TV series.

The man who played Batman’s sidekick claimed executives thought Robin “had a very large bulge for television”, unlike Batman actor Adam West, who apparently had to stuff “Turkish towels in his undershorts.”

Speaking to Page Six, Ward said ABC reportedly sent him to the doctors in order to be prescribed medication to “shrink me up”. However, he decided to stop taking the pills after three days.


“I took them for three days and then I decided that they can probably keep me from having children,” he said. “I stopped doing that and I just used my cape to cover it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ward said that despite not receiving any money from the show, which ran on ABC from 1966-1968, in decades, he is not bitter about it explaining that he was never in it for the money. Instead, he and third wife Tracy devote themselves to charity.

“My wife and I run the largest giant dog rescue charity in the world,” Ward said. “15,500 dogs would be dead if it weren’t for my wife Tracy and I. At all times we have a minimum of fifty dogs at our house with us.”

He continued: “We make our dog food. We’ve discovered a way to double and triple the lifespan of dogs. Our food is in all the stores across America. It’s called Gentle Giants and we don’t take a penny from it.”


Meanwhile, Kevin Smith has claimed that Joker almost had a darker alternative ending where the titular villain triggers the start of a world in which Batman doesn’t exist.

The DC Comics origins movie secured the biggest October box office opening of all time earlier this year and saw Joaquin Phoenix garnering acclaim for his portrayal of Arthur Fleck – a failed comedian who eventually becomes the titular villain.