Beanie Feldstein recalls filming “traumatic” ‘Impeachment’ episode

The episode focuses on Monica Lewinsky's FBI interrogation

Beanie Feldstein, who plays Monica Lewinsky in American Crime Story: Impeachment, has opened up about filming an especially intense episode of the show.

The sixth instalment of the limited series, called Man Handled, focused on the detainment and interrogation of Lewinsky at the hands of the FBI.

Feldstein worked closely on the show with Lewinsky, who also served as producer. When it came to this episode in particular however, the actor said that she avoided asking Lewinsky too many questions about the ordeal.


“As someone who has experienced difficult, shocking, traumatic things in my own life, I couldn’t imagine if someone was playing that day of my life. It’s sort of unbearable to think about,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

She added: “I wasn’t making her rehash for me every minute of this day. That is her trauma, and I didn’t want her to have to go through that.”

Feldstein said that the episode took 23 days to shoot, which is “unheard of.”

“Of anything I’ve ever done in my working life, it’s the thing I’m singularly most proud of and nervous for,” she added.

The producers on Impeachment: American Crime Story have said that they haven’t received any response from the Clintons regarding their depiction in the series.


As noted in The Hollywood Reporter via unnamed sources, none of the show bosses have heard “a peep” from the Clinton camp.

The report states how “few, if any, expect to” receive a reaction, despite their pre-release “jitters” around how the Clintons may respond.

American Crime Story: Impeachment will make its UK debut on BBC Two on October 19



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