Watch Carole Baskin unite famous Carols for Christmas Carol performance

How many Carols does it take to sing a Christmas song?

Carole Baskin will be leading a festive performance of ‘Deck the Halls’ for charity this Christmas.

The Tiger King star joins a number of other Carols for Deezer’s ‘A Christmas Carol by Carols’ campaign, including Carol Decker, Carol Smillie, Carol Thatcher, Carol Wright, Carole Parkinson from The Brittas Empire and Carolyn Pickles.

Deezer is raising funds for homeless charity Crisis, and has also asked Baskin, Decker and Smilie to create their own Christmas playlists for the streaming platform.


Watch the full video here:

“Christmas caroling is going to be harder this year with social distancing and tiering,” Deezer’s UK & Ireland Music Editor Adam Read said in a statement. “So we wanted to find a way to keep people safe, but inject some heavy duty Christmas spirit with this one-of-a-kind performance.

“We’re thankful to all the Carols helping us raise money for Crisis and want to encourage everyone to watch the video, listen to Carols’ playlists and donate for a very worthy cause. So tag your favourite Carol and let them know that ‘Tis The Season To Be Carol!”

Meanwhile, Carole Baskin recently said she thinks Tiger King “glamourised this yahoo in Oklahoma,” referring to Joe Exotic, and “tried to create a feud.”


She added: “If they had done a documentary that showed all of the suffering and abuse of these big cats, I don’t know if people would have watched it, shared it the way they did.

“But at least this opened the door and once I got my foot in that door it’s like: ‘And now you’re going to hear about the cats!’”