‘Chernobyl’ producers find next project in another Cold War-era thriller

The story will remember students who dug a tunnel to flee the Communist regime

The production house which helmed Chernobyl has found its next project in the shape of the podcast Tunnel 29.

Sister, a production company helmed by Jane Featherstone based in the UK, produced the multi-Emmy winning show about the nuclear disaster of April 1986, as well as the BBC/Netflix drama Giri/Haji.

Tunnel 4, produced by Helena Merriman, focuses “on a group of students who dug a tunnel from West to East Germany, underneath the Berlin wall, to help people escape the Communist regime,” according to Deadline.


The podcast has amassed over 5 million downloads since premiering on BBC Radio 4 last November. Merriman is attached to the screen project with Sister as a writer, but it remains unclear whether this will become a film or TV series.

Chernobyl earned universal acclaim when it first aired on HBO and Sky last year. The show was nominated for 19 Emmy awards, and won three.

The show became the highest-rated TV show of all-time on IMDb, overtaking and now ranking higher than Breaking Bad, Planet Earth II, Game of Thrones and The Wire, among others.

Viewers in Russia were less pleased with the show, and it was announced last year that Russian filmmaker Alexei Muradov would be making his own version of the show, focusing on the theory the CIA infiltrated the Chernobyl power plant.

“Many historians do not deny that, on the day of the explosion, an agent of the enemy’s intelligence services was present at the station,” the director told The Moscow Times.