David Blaine to fly from New Jersey to New York using helium-filled balloons

It’s his first major stunt in a decade, and will be streamed live on YouTube

David Blaine is set to undertake his first major stunt in a decade later this month.

The magician will attempt Ascension, a stunt which will see Blaine flying from New Jersey to New York using helium-filled balloons.

The stunt will take place on August 31 and be livestreamed on Blaine’s YouTube channel.


“This stunt has been 10 years in the making,” Blaine tweeted, announcing the new stunt. “Let’s turn worry into wonder and take magic to new heights.”

According to a report from Variety, Blaine is set to take flight in New Jersey, holding onto a cluster of balloons, before crossing the Hudson River and landing in New York City.

A YouTube announcement for the event reads: “Watch in disbelief as David Blaine magically ascends above Earth, in his biggest live performance yet.”

In the promo video, which you can watch below, the following message flashes across the screen: “On August 31, worry becomes wonder; anxiety turns to awe; and the mundane becomes the magical.”


Actor Sylvester Stallone has also shared a clip of him talking with Blaine about the stunt on his Instagram page.

“I must admit I’m getting jaded. It’s hard for me to get impressed, but when [Blaine] shows up, time stands still,” Stallone says.

Stallone said he believes the stunt will be “the most ambitious thing probably ever accomplished by a human being”, and asked Blaine if he was nervous. “No, I’m excited,” he replied. “This is all I’ve been thinking about since I was a little kid”.

Last year, David Blaine headed out on his first ever UK and Ireland tour. The ‘Real Or Magic’ tour promised “death-defying stunts”.

Blaine is well-known for his ambitious public stunts, which have included a lengthy stint in a suspended glass box in London (2003’s ‘Above the Below’) and being buried alive for one week in New York (1999’s ‘Buried Alive’).