Elisabeth Moss says there have been “discussions” of a ‘Mad Men’ Zoom reunion

"We are aware that people are doing reunions and we've never done one, which is so crazy"

Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss has teased that the show may be hosting a reunion on Zoom.

Throughout the coronavirus lockdown, a number of TV shows have been hosting virtual reunions to raise money for charity.

Parks And Recreation hosted a one-off half-hour charity special last month, which saw the show’s original cast reunite over video call and raised $2.8m (£2.25m) for food charity Feeding America.


Since then, the Community cast also hosted a virtual table read, while The West Wing looks set to host a reunion too in support of Black Lives Matter, and Moss now reveals that “discussions” are happening with regards to a Mad Men reunion.

Asked by Entertainment Tonight if the cast had discussed a reunion during the lockdown, Moss, who played Peggy Olsen in the show, replied: “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe we have!

Elisabeth Moss

“I don’t know. Maybe we have had some discussions about this. I don’t think I am in a position to officially share anything,” she added.

“But, yes, we are aware that people are doing reunions and we’ve never done one, which is so crazy. We really all haven’t been together in five years. So I’ll just leave you with that.”

Mad Men ran for seven seasons between 2007 and 2015. Back in 2018, the cast of the hit show reunited at an Oscars afterparty.


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