Evan Peters likely to return in ‘WandaVision’ finale, says director

The series finale airs later this week

There’s a “strong possibility” that X-Men star Evan Peters will return for the season one WandaVision finale.

That’s according to series director Matt Shakman, who said in a new interview that fans can expect more of Peters after his surprise cameo in episode five as Wanda’s dead brother, Pietro.

“I think there’s a strong possibility you might get a little more of Evan Peters coming up, Shakman told Fandom.com. “But how that plays out, I wouldn’t want to say.”


Peters played Pietro/Quicksilver in the X-Men movies, replacing Aaron Taylor-Johnson (who played the character in the MCU). The actor’s cameo preceded one that is yet to be shown; Paul Bettany, who plays Vision in the Marvel–Disney+ series, recently teased a remaining major cameo.

Matt Shakman
Matt Shakman (l) directs ‘WandaVision’. CREDIT: Creative Stock / Alamy Stock Photo

Meanwhile, Marvel boss Kevin Feige addressed the decision to reintroduce Peters as the character at a recent Disney+ press event, saying: “Well, there are discussions on everything, at one point or another. That’s one of the fun things about developing these things or blue-skying it in the rooms.

“My favourite part of the process is always the very, very beginning when we’re figuring out what something could be and at the very, very end when we’re refining it and putting it out into the world,” he said.

“I believe we ended up going with what you saw relatively early on in the development process. It’s just another way that certain people were messing around with Wanda.”


Episode nine of WandaVision, the series’ finale, airs this Friday (March 5) on Disney+.