‘Fear The Walking Dead’ showrunners explain latest shock death

Beware of spoilers

Fear the Walking Dead showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg have explained the latest shock death in the series.

Virginia was shot in the head by June in season 6 episode 9, after Morgan spare Virginia’s life and asked the community to stop killing.

June wanted to seek revenge for the death of her husband John Dorie, and blamed Virginia who was trying to protect her daughter, Dakota.


“The first half of season 6 was all about these characters who wanted to get back together, but weren’t able to do that,” Chambliss told Entertainment Weekly.

“The rest of season 6 is going to be about these characters who can now be together, but we have to ask the question whether they really want to be.

“And it felt like having June do this act – that’s in direct opposition to the rules Morgan laid out for what he wanted to build here, which were all about honouring John Dorie, who in the past episode had said, ‘You know, the ground has got so much spilled blood on it’.

He added: “He doesn’t know if anything can be built better. And June effectively proves him right by breaking the rule.”

Chambliss added that they “wanted it to feel like a Western”, with Goldberg saying that June is going to be “in a place of some real-soul searching”.

Elsewhere, Lennie James has said the season 6 finale will be “epic and massive”, adding: “The entire finale, it’s like it happens over a held breath.”


Fear the Walking Dead airs weekly on AMC in the US, and on AMC UK in the UK.