Finn Wolfhard says he nearly quit acting before he was cast in ‘Stranger Things’

He almost didn't send in an audition tape

Finn Wolfhard has revealed that he came close to switching up his career shortly before landing a starring role in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The actor, 17, was planning to change direction after he lost a role in an unnamed film. He then set his sights set on becoming a director.

In an interview with The Observer, Wolfhard recalls his first audition for Stranger Things, revealing that he almost didn’t send over an audition tape because he’d resigned himself to a career off camera. He said he was “sick in bed and almost considering not even acting” at the time.


Luckily he did send a tape to the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, who eventually gave him the part of Mike Wheeler, the de-facto leader of the show’s central child/teenaged characters.

Stranger Things. Credit: Netflix

Wolfhard said no one expected the show to “blow up” overnight. “We just thought we were filming this secret thing that no one knew about. Which we were. No one knew what we were doing. Netflix was kind of hands-off. We thought maybe it would become a cult classic, and we’ll come back to it in 30 years and be really proud of doing it,” he said.

Stranger Things went on to be a hit on Netflix. Last year, season three smashed the platform’s streaming records with more than 40 million households tuning in to watch the show in its first four days.

The fourth season of the series has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. See NME’s up-to-date list of all the major TV and film shows suspended due to the crisis here.