Gillian Anderson binned the ‘Sex Education’ script when she first read it

"My partner suggested I take it out of the bin and look at it a bit more seriously"

Gillian Anderson has admitted that the first time she read the script for Netflix’s Sex Education, she “kind of put it in the bin”.

The actor plays Dr Jean Milburn on the show, a sex therapist and the mother of awkward teenager Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield).

In an interview with The One Show to celebrate the release of season two, Anderson shared her initial reactions. “I’m not really sure whether I thought ahead,” she said. “When I first read it, I had not really responded to it. I’d kind of put it in the bin, and my partner suggested I take it out of the bin and look at it a bit more seriously.”


The actor now sings the series’ praises, highlighting its emotional depth. “It has so much heart and that it deals with very, very challenging issues that teenagers and families go through,” she said.

“So much of it is about communication. My character is awkward with the way she communicates or tries to communicate – she’s completely over the top and inappropriate, even though she’s a sex therapist.”

Sex Education has received positive reviews for its second season. NME gave the show four stars, praising moments of “true hilarity” and a “sensitively-handled plot”.