‘Green Mothers’ Club’: Lee Yo-won, Chu Ja-hyun’s friendship begins in new trailer

The new K-drama premieres on Netflix next month

A brand-new trailer for JTBC and Netflix’s upcoming K-drama Green Mothers’ Club has officially arrived.

The new visual begins with a group of mothers carrying out volunteer work for their kids’ elementary school, directing traffic on the roads surrounding the school grounds. They each introduce themselves, and we’re acquainted to the complicated politics within the parent volunteer group, where other parents are warned against befriending Yu-bin’s mother (Chu Ja-hyun).

“You’re done if you get on her wrong side,” one of them says. However, after Dong-seok’s mother (Lee Yo-won) goes out of her way to save Yu-bin from a falling glass object, the two women start bonding over drinks, marking the start of an unexpected friendship.


Starring Lee Yo-won (The Running Mates: Human Rights), Chu Ja-hyun (My Unfamiliar Family), Kim Kyu-ri (Designated Survivor: 60 Days), Jang Hye-jin (The Red Sleeve) and Joo Min-kyung (Jirisan), the upcoming series will focus on the friendship between five mothers living in the same neighbourhood.

The mothers, each with vastly different personalities and outlooks on life, come together through the neighbourhood association of their childrens’ elementary school. Through their shared experience of motherhood, they learn about the meaning of friendship.

Green Mothers’ Club is helmed by director Ra Ha-na, who previously worked on the 2021 BL K-drama Tinted With You. She is joined by screenwriter Shin Yi-won, who will be making her debut with this series.

Green Mothers’ Club is set to premiere on April 6 at 10:30pm KST, and will air every Wednesday and Thursday for a total of eight weeks. It will also be available to stream on Netflix.