Greta Thunberg opens up about meeting Sir David Attenborough

"He's done so much in his life, he has so many stories to share"

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg has opened up about meeting Sir David Attenborough.

Attenborough features in Thunberg’s new BBC three-part documentary on climate change, A Year To Change The World.

Speaking to Greg James on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Thunberg said she looked up to Attenborough and said the moment she met him was “indescribable”.


Thunberg said: “Whatever he says you agree with it basically. I have so much respect for him. He’s done so much in his life, he has so many stories to share.”

You can see the moment the pair met here:

Thunberg went on to talk about Attenborough’s experience and how much he is still “speaking up” against climate change.

Thunberg said: “Maybe the thing that I admire most with him is that even though he may be a certain age, he still is keeping his mind very open and he has started speaking up.

“He has really started to speak up more than he did before and I think that’s really admirable and that’s something that we should all strive to be like.”


The documentary sees the 18-year-old travelling to locations worldwide where the impact of climate change is being accelerated – including Europe’s coal mines and the frontline of Canada’s oil industry.

Filming for the co-production with CBS started in 2019 when then-16-year-old Greta took a year off school to spread her environmental message around the world, which included her stirring address to world leaders at the Davos World Economic Forum.

While Greta was forced to ditch international travel in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, the cameras continued to follow her at home in Sweden.

The next episode of the series airs tonight (April 19) at 9pm. You can catch up on previous episodes now on the BBC iPlayer.