Homer Simpson has reportedly racked up $143million in medical bills

An LA law group has created a "Homer Simpson medical bill rap sheet" to record his injuries

Homer Simpson is estimated to have endured up to $143million in medical bills on account of multiple injuries that he has received on The Simpsons.

A study, which was commissioned by the Downtown L.A. Law Group, assessed the cost of his medical bills over 706 episodes of the show, and created a “Homer Simpson medical bill rap sheet” to record the injuries.

The notoriously accident-prone character has survived all manner of ailments and accidents, from electrocution to falling down cliffs to having the back of his skull bashed in.


According to the law group, the top three most expensive injuries Homer has sustained are:

  1. Brain damage: $1,525,500
  2. Paralysis: $508,904
  3. Radiation exposure: $150,000

The total cost is 452 times more than the average American as the result of 50 well-documented accidents that Homer received over the course fo the show.

Elsewhere, Disney+ appears to have censored an episode of The Simpsons in Hong Kong that refers to the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

Following the launch of the streaming platform in the territory this month, the 12th episode of season 16, titled ‘Goo Goo Gai Pan’, is not available in Hong Kong, according to The Guardian.

The storyline sees Selma and the family travel to China to adopt a baby, and in one scene they visit the famous Beijing square. There, a sign reads: “On this site, in 1989, nothing happened,” before they are confronted by a tank – a reference to the famous video of the Tank Man during the massacre.