How long would it take to watch all of ‘Breaking Bad’?

The hit Netflix series ran for five seasons, plus a movie and its spin-off, ‘Better Call Saul’

How long it would take to watch all five seasons of Breaking Bad in their entirety has been revealed.

The Netflix show ran from 2008 until 2013 and starred Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a chemistry teacher who turns to making meth to pay his medical bills after being diagnosed with cancer.

Breaking Bad ran for five seasons with the first containing seven episodes, the second, third and fourth boasting 13 each and the final run – which was split into two parts – featuring a total of 16 episodes. Season five ran for the longest time in terms of length, clocking in at 764 minutes or nearly 13 hours.


Altogether, watching Breaking Bad in its entirety with no breaks would take just over 60 hours, or around two days and 13 hours.

Saul Breaking Bad
‘Breaking Bad’ season five. CREDIT: Photo 12 / Alamy Stock Photo

In 2015, Netflix premiered a new spin-off of the hit show called Better Call Saul, which itself has six seasons and would take a total of two days and 15 hours to watch. In 2019, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie also arrived, with a run-time of two hours and two minutes.

In a recent interview, creator Vince Gilligan said he was open to keeping the Breaking Bad universe going with new spin-offs. “I can definitely imagine revisiting it,” he said. “Selfishly, I’d like to do so, to keep this thing going. But without naming any names, I look around at some of the worlds, the universes, the stories that I love, whether they’re on TV or in the movies.

“And I think there’s a certain point, and it’s hard to define, where you’ve done too much in the same universe. Just leave it alone. And some universes are much bigger and more elastic. Ours is a very small one, Albuquerque, New Mexico, versus some of these worlds and series of movies and TV shows.”

Meanwhile, in July, statues of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were unveiled in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The figures commemorated the show and were hoped to attract tourists to the location in which it was set.