Jason Bateman says he’s rewatching ‘Ozark’ with his teenage daughter

"She's never seen anything I've ever done"

Ozark star Jason Bateman has revealed that he has started rewatching the gritty Netflix series from the beginning with his 15-year-old daughter.

Speaking during Entertainment Weekly‘s Around The Table feature as part of the Ozark cast, Bateman revealed that the pair have been watching one episode a night so far. “Last night and the night before, my 15-year-old daughter and I sat and watched episode 1 and episode 2 of the show,” he said.

“This is a big deal. I haven’t seen them for five years, she’s never seen the show.”


Bateman is primarily known for comedy-leaning roles, particularly in Arrested Development, Juno and Paul, but welcomed his daughter’s decision to embark on a viewing of one of his darker projects – particularly as it’s the first time she’s ever watched him on screen.

“She’s never seen anything I’ve ever done because, you know, if you’ve got kids they usually give it up for everybody except you,” he continued. “It’s been weird for her to see me on [camera] and I get it, that’s not uncommon. For some reason she finally decided to watch Ozark.”

Yesterday (May 4) it was reported that Ozark’s finale has earned the lowest audience rating in the show’s history.

The final episode, titled ‘A Hard Way To Go’, was released last week and has since earned a 6.8 audience rating out of 10 on IMDb. The next lowest episode is ‘Kaleidoscope’ from the first season, which holds a rating of 7.5.

In a four-star review of season 4 part 2 of the series, NME said “Jason Bateman has never been better than as Marty [Byrde] – dead behind the eyes, seemingly beaten yet relentless in getting them out of a corner” adding that the final episodes “make for a twisty, turny farewell that’ll keep you guessing to the very end.”