Jason Isaacs on ‘The OA’ cancellation: “I don’t know if I’ll be in anything as original again”

"I felt like I’d never told a story like this before"

Jason Isaacs has praised the originality of The OA.

The actor, who played Dr Hap Percy on the Netflix show before it was cancelled, spoke about the strength of the show in a recent interview with NME.

“I don’t know if I’ll be in anything as original again,” the actor said, reflecting on the fact that The OA would not be returning for a third season.


He added: “Something happened on that show. I felt like I’d never told a story like this before. It’s a magnificent piece of art and storytelling.”

Regarding the show’s cancellation specifically, Isaacs said: “There’s no point me second-guessing how and why they did it. They’ve cancelled lots of things that were very popular. We don’t deserve special treatment.”

The actor also spoke of the experience of meeting fans who thank him for his role on the show and its impact more broadly.

“When people thank me, it feels absurd to me,” Isaacs said. “I don’t do it for anyone else. I do it entirely for myself. It’s an entirely self-serving thing.”

Next up, Jason Isaacs will be starring in season three of Sex Education, playing the role of Peter Groff, Mr Groff’s “more successful/less modest older brother”.


Season three will also introduce Jemima Kirke and Dua Saleh, joining series regulars including Gillian Anderson, Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey and more. Here’s everything we know about season three of Sex Education so far. 

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