Jimmy Fallon mocks Jeff Bezos over his mission into space

"He looks like a mash-up between Buzz Lightyear and Woody"

Jimmy Fallon took aim at Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos this week on The Tonight Show.

Bezos travelled into space on Tuesday (July 20) on his rocket ship The New Shepherd. The ship was built by Bezos’ company Blue Origin in response to the growing market for space tourism.

That evening, Fallon mocked Bezos’ notably phallic space rocket. “It’s the only rocket that shrinks in the cold,” he said, before adding that it “looks like R2D2 took some Viagra.”


The talk show host didn’t stop there, making reference to Richard Branson‘s earlier voyage into space that took place on July 11. “First [Richardson] Branson, now Bezos. Tomorrow Warren Buffett is trying to get up there with balloons, like the old guy from Up.”

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos (Picture: Getty)

Fallon also brought up the cowboy hat that Bezos donned for his space voyage.

“You know you’re rich when you put that on and everyone who works for you goes, ‘Oh, it looks great. Yeah. You’re a man of the people, just going to space,’” he said. “He looks like a mash-up between Buzz Lightyear and Woody: Two for one.”

This isn’t the first instance where Bezos’ mission has been ridiculed in the name of comedy. Yesterday (July 21), Jon Stewart used the event to promote his upcoming Apple TV+ series.

Taking to Twitter, the comedian posted a three-minute trailer for The Problem with Jon Stewart.


In the video, Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander plays Bezos.

“I’m going to ride a rocket into space, and it’s going to look just like my dick,” says Alexander via voice over as he prepares for his mission. Elson Musk features in the mockumentary-style teaser played by comedian Adam Pally, as does Mark Zuckerberg, played by a cat.

“American Taxpayers” are accredited as the executive producers behind the space mission.