Julia Louis-Dreyfus on how she kept ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ role a secret

Using some good old fashioned subterfuge

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has revealed how she managed to keep news of her role in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier from emerging.

The Emmy award-winning actress, known for appearing in Seinfeld, Onward and other titles, explained that old fashioned subterfuge in the form of a black cloak reduced the risk of her episode five cameo being spoiled in advance.

Louis-Dreyfus shared a video on Twitter of her being wrapped in the cloak, writing: “They snuck me onto set every day in this stunning hooded cloak. I have worn it every day since. Obviously.”


The idea was to prevent any on-set snaps or videos showing the actress, who plays Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the MarvelDisney series, in clear view.

She appears in episode five of the first series, which was shown on April 16 on the Disney+ streaming platform. The series finale aired on Friday (April 23).

*Spoilers below*

In a recap feature of the finale, NME‘s Paul Bradshaw wrote: “As ever, this is also a show that understands optics. Just as Walker was undone by a camera phone recording him kill an unarmed man, Sam is vindicated this week by a crowd that watches him shoulder a van full of hostages before it falls into a big pit.

“There’s other less-subtle politics going on too – Sam taking the time to save a couple of NYC cops just a few weeks after we saw him stopped and searched for walking in the wrong neighbourhood.


Falcon and the Winter Soldier
‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ finale is streaming now on Disney+. CREDIT: Marvel Studios

“More importantly, as soon as the shooting/thumping stops, Captain America steps up to his real platform. ‘I’m a Black man carrying the Stars and Stripes… Every time I pick this thing up, I know there are millions of people out there who are going to hate me for it,’ he tells the politicians he’s just saved, seemingly also addressing the racist trolls who have inevitably been waiting for a Black Cap to arrive before flexing their fingers online.”

He concluded: “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier season two? Hopefully. A stand-alone Captain America movie? Possibly. A leading role heading up the newly-shaped Avengers as we move deeper into phase four? Keep your wings crossed.”