Julia Louis-Dreyfus says Donald Trump is worse president than her ‘Veep’ character

The actor starred as US vice president Selina Meyer in the HBO political comedy

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has spoken out about Donald Trump, saying that he’s “actually worse” at being the president than her Veep character Selina Meyer.

The actor and comedian starred in Armando Iannucci’s political satire series Veep as a US vice president who would do anything to win the presidency. The show ran from 2012 to 2019 on HBO.

Appearing at a fundraiser on Thursday (July 23) for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Louis-Dreyfus discussed the accomplishments of president Trump, calling them “pathetic”.


According to the Independent, Louis-Dreyfus said that the pilot episode of Veep imagined all plastic cutlery in the Capitol Building replaced with recyclable utensils as the writers tried to come up with “the stupidest, weakest environmental gesture that my idiot character could possibly make, so that she wouldn’t offend the fossil fuel industry.”

“But that’s actually more than Trump has done for the environment in four years,” she said. “Talk about pathetic, he’s actually worse than a fictional president with a team of professional writers working 24/7 to make her as bad as possible.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she referenced a past joke made by Biden where he said that he would pick her for president, Louis-Dreyfus continued: “I was of course flattered.

“But then I realised, this is America. We can’t make a totally unqualified, ill-equipped TV personality vice president. No, no, in this country we make him president.”


Meanwhile, Ben Stiller has defied fans who’ve called for Donald Trump to be cut out of Zoolander.

Stiller, who directed 2001 comedy film and starred in it as supermodel Derek Zoolander, confirmed that he had no intention of cutting the President of the United States out from the movie.

Speaking on the Daily Beast podcast The New Abnormal, Stiller shared how Trump – who was only known as a mega-rich celebrity entrepreneur at the time – became a part of the production.