Kaley Cuoco even more keen for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ reunion after ‘Friends’ special

“I would love to do that one day”

Kaley Cuoco has expressed interest in reuniting The Big Bang Theory cast in a format similar to HBO’s Friends: The Reunion.

The actor, who played Penny in the sitcom, previously said she’d love to reunite with the cast in a similar fashion to the Friends reunion before the episode aired. After watching the special though, she’s more eager than ever.

Speaking to Variety, Cuoco said: “When I watched, I definitely thought, I would love to do that one day. I would love to do that with our show.”


Friends: The Reunion saw the original cast come back together to revisit the set, discuss the show’s impact, recall fond memories with host James Corden and play trivia games.

Big Bang Theory
‘The Big Bang Theory’. CREDIT: AA Film Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

It might be a while before a reunion show for The Big Bang Theory is warranted, however, with the series ending in 2019 after 12 seasons.

Since the sitcom ended, Cuoco has earned acclaim in HBO’s The Flight Attendant which she also executive produced. The show is nominated for nine Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Cuoco.

Production on The Flight Attendant season two will begin later this year, and Cuoco has teased what’s in store for Cassie Bowden.

“The scripts are so good,” Cuoco said. “She’s definitely going to be trying to live a sober life while still trying to be who she was. And I think that’s what she’s going to struggle with the most. ‘Am I the same person I was before? Or are people going to like me? Am I still fun?’


“And then still trying to have her job. And she’s also a CIA asset, which is a very small job. This is not some sort of agent. She is a teeny tiny asset. But she seems to get confused as to what is needed from her and gets herself stuck in a situation that she should not be in.”

Cuoco also provides the voice for Harley Quinn in the DC animated series, which will move to HBO Max from the DC Originals platform for season three.

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