Kate Winslet explains unlikely family inspiration for ‘Mare Of Easttown’ character

"Well, he does eat with his mouth full..."

Mare Of Easttown star Kate Winslet has explained how her family inspired the character of the HBO show’s grisly detective.

Winslet, who played the titular Marianne “Mare” Sheehan in the hit drama that finished on Sunday (May 30), revealed how she sought inspiration from her father, Roger.

“My dad actually reminds me quite a lot of Mare, to be honest. He was slightly the inspiration,” the actress told the New York Times.


“He basically moves like Mare and eats like Mare. Well, he does eat with his mouth full. We do tell him all the time, ‘Dad!’ He’s going to be so mad I just said that.”

The hairstylist on Mare Of Easttown recently opened up about the production’s “bed hair” rule in order to give the characters a sense of realism.

“When I came on board, I was told bed hair for everyone. I was basically told that everybody has bed hair,” hairstylist Lawrence Davis explained.

“Everybody was basically, you know, get up and go, and that was the whole feel of it. But I was basically told from day one: ‘Bed hair’, and I had to ride with that.”

In a four-star review of Mare Of Easttown, NME wrote: “Come for the smalltown mystery that grips as much as it depresses. Stay for the magnetic performance from a real screen legend.”


Mare Of Easttown is now streaming on NOW in the UK and on HBO Max in the US.