Kim Cattrall fans think her recent post is criticising ‘Sex And The City’

"And just like that, you slayed!"

Fans of Kim Cattrall think the Sex And The City star is making a subtle dig at the show on her social media channels.

The actor, who played Samantha Jones in the six series and two films of the beloved franchise, took to Instagram to repost a quote from her acceptance speech for the Screen Icon prize at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards last week (November 11).

“This is what happens when you go where you’re celebrated and not where you’re tolerated,” Cattrall said at the event, which she has since reposted on her Instagram page. Take a look here:


Fans in the comments of Cattrall’s post have taken to her defence, assuming she is referring to the Sex And The City spinoff And Just Like That which she is not involved in.

“The show without you is so boring,” wrote one fan, while another person added: “And just like that, you slayed!”

One person also added: “I can’t watch the show with the ridiculous new characters and storylines and no Samantha. Everyone’s in an identity crisis and they act like they just woke up in their fifties!”

Another fan suggested another spinoff focusing on Cattrall, writing: WE NEED A SAMANTHA JONES ONLY SPIN-OFF!!”

And Just Like That
The new series follows on from 2010’s ‘Sex And The City 2’. CREDIT: Sky


“What you’re seeing this season is all of these characters embracing life,” HBO Max head of originals Sarah Aubrey told Variety. “It’s a very joyful season and I think, in some ways, it feels like iconic Sex And The City episodes.”

She added: “Most of all, for Carrie, in particular, in the way her character has always been up for the next adventure or the next love, the next friendship in the city, and you really feel that this season.”