Louis Theroux apologises to Joe Wicks over viral impression

"Your workouts really meant a lot. I didn't mean to offend"

Louis Theroux has publicly apologised for a impression that he did of the fitness presenter Joe Wicks.

The documentary filmmaker and host mimicked Wicks in an interview in 2020, though meant it as an act of praise after saying that he had become obsessed of his workouts.

“Who’s there, you silly sausage? Who have we got streaming in? Silly sausage. Look at my barnet!” said Theroux as part of a video interview with LADBible.


In spite of his good intentions, Theroux is now concerned that the impression hit a sore note, especially as the video went viral.

“I think he was possibly confused, maybe his feelings were even a little bit hurt,” he said in an interview on an upcoming episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, as reported by the Independent.

“I had reason to speak to him on a podcast and I apologised. I said, ‘Your workouts really meant a lot. I didn’t mean to offend’.”

Not only did Theroux apologise, but he went on to confirm details of a documentary that he is making with Wicks.

“He did an amazing episode of Desert Island Discs where he talked about his family and his parents. I’m not in it, I’m just helping to produce it,” he said.


In September, Theroux announced that he would explore the world of US rap and hip-hop as part of a new three-part documentary series.

The BBC Two series, titled Forbidden America, will explore the impact of the internet and social media on some of the most controversial corners of American entertainment in a trilogy of one-hour films.