‘Love on The Spectrum’ Season 2 greenlit in new Screen Australia documentary funding round

The new season will feature four new episodes with a new group of people

Screen Australia has announced a new round of production funding for local documentaries, lead by the second season of the ABC reality series Love on the Spectrum.

The film body will dispense $1.3 million of production funding for 11 documentaries funded through the Production Program and the Commissioned Program.

The first season of Love on the Spectrumwhich follows young adults on the Autism Spectrum as they navigate the world of dating, aired last year and was syndicated internationally on Netflix.


Per a Screen Australia press release, the new season will comprise of four new episodes starring a new group of people. Screen Rant reports a casting call for the new season went out in June. A release date has not yet been published.

The creative team of director/producer Cian O’Clery, producer Jenni Wilks and executive producer Karina Holden will all return for the second season.

Among the other notable documentary projects receiving Screen Australia funding is The Department, a feature-length documentary on NSW child protection, “following case workers and families as they navigate the complexities of keeping children safe”. The Sascha Ettinger Epstei-directed feature is set to air on SBS.

Revenge: My Dad the Nazi Killer, a feature documentary about the family history of one Australian who discovers his father’s involvement with vigilante Holocaust survivors has also been commissioned, with assistance from Film Victoria. It’s helmed by writer-director-producer Danny Ben-Moshe.

The full list of documentaries receiving the new Screen Australia funding is here.