‘Modern Family’ star Julia Bowen rescued a hiker who fainted in Utah

The hiker had to receive stitches after fracturing her nose

Modern Family’s Julia Bowen came to the rescue of a hiker who fainted and fractured her nose at Utah’s Arches National Park.

The actor, known for playing Claire Dunphy in the hit sitcom, helped hiker Minnie John last week after she fainted and hit her head on a rock while climbing to see the Delicate Arch landmark.

In a three-part Facebook post detailing the encounter, John explained how she heard a “familiar voice” who kept asking questions while a doctor, Bowen’s sister Annie, cleaned up the injury.


“They lifted me up as I opened my eyes and set me back on that rock, that face looked so familiar again and I asked her again if I knew her or was she famous and the doctor said yes,” John wrote.

“As my eyes started to focus more, she smiled and took her hair tie off and shook her hair for me to figure out. Her sister the doctor asked me to guess and I told her I just hit my head, I can’t remember. She said smiling ‘Modern Family’ and I said of course!”

A guide with Bowen and her sister saw John fall forward on her face, with her glasses breaking the fall before she hit her head on the flat rock. She passed out due to dehydration and low blood sugar as a diabetic.

At the hospital following the incident, John had to have five stitches for her fractured nose.


“I praise God for all the doctors and nurses we have in our lives,” John wrote. “They truly are superheroes! And those celebrities are awesome human beings too! Love you Julie and Annie and now I have become famous for one minute for my antics.”

Bowen has won two Emmys for her role as Claire Dunphy in Modern Family for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2011 and 2012. She’s also known for starring in ER, Lost, Happy Gilmore and Horrible Bosses.

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