Olly Alexander was only person to audition for Ritchie role in ‘It’s A Sin’

"I love Russell, I love his work. I was like, 'I'm in, I'm in'"

It’s A Sin star and Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander has revealed that he was the only person to audition for the role of Ritchie in the record-breaking Channel 4 drama.

Alexander played Ritchie Tozer in the show, which chronicles the lives of gay friends living in London during the ’80s Aids crisis and has become Channel 4’s most-binged series of all time since its release.

In a new interview on This Morning, Alexander revealed how the show’s creator Russell T Davies earmarked him for the role of Ritchie from the beginning.


“I did audition, yeah,” he said. “I got an email from my agent saying Russell T Davies is making a new show, wants to meet you for the part of Ritchie and instantly I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that would be so amazing, I love Russell, I love his work.’ I was like, ‘I’m in, I’m in.'”

He added: “I went and met him and I read for the part. Russell did say I was the only person that auditioned, so…”

In other news, Russell T Davies has confirmed that It’s A Sin won’t return for a second season.

Saying that the hit drama “said everything I wanted to say,” the Queer As Folk and Cucumber writer explained to The Hollywood Reporter, why he wouldn’t pursue things further. “There isn’t a second season. It was lovely. It said everything I wanted to say. The only long-running thing I’ve ever done is Doctor Who and that’s because Doctor Who is designed to be long running.”


Reviewing It’s A Sin, NME wrote: “By telling this story through the eyes of warm, flawed and sometimes frustrating characters you’ll care about, it offers a heartbreaking reminder of the countless lives claimed by HIV/AIDS.”

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