‘Only Murders In The Building’ boss explains season 2 finale twist

Beware of spoilers

Only Murders in the Building creator John Hoffman has explained the major twist and time jump at the end of season two.

Commenting on the reveal of the killer and the murder setup for season three of the Hulu/Disney+, Hoffman discussed who killed Bunny and Paul Rudd’s forthcoming role.

The end of season two revealed that podcast assistant Poppy had killed Bunny, disguised as Becky Butler.


“Ultimately, someone we thought we might be able to hide is Poppy, who also has the ability to construct something grandiose, and we were looking for a really mapped-out plan that went off its rails, and that felt like a more limited group of people who might have that in mind,” Hoffman told Entertainment Weekly.

On Poppy’s disguise, Hoffman added: “The Becky Butler of it all, which is way more exciting, I think it was my idea. We were looking for a way to make the history there deeper and more dimensional.

“When we started really delving into Poppy, like we do with all of our characters, all of that exploration in the room for the season made it feel like, ‘Oh, my God. What if … ?; It started to feel like the model for what worked in the past for her, to create a situation that became a podcast — that’s how she got a job with Cinda, that’s how she found her way in.”

The writer and creator also teased season three which will take place a year in the future following a time jump at the end of season two.

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd CREDIT: Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images


The jump sees Oliver (Martin Short) in a new play with Paul Rudd’s character, Ben Glen , who drops dead on stage.

“The theater made a lot of sense, both because we wanted to lean a bit towards Oliver for season 3, and then the idea of bringing Charles in to be in the play was natural, as an actor,” Hoffman said.

“And then the dream of Paul Rudd saying, ‘Yes, please’, and coming in and mixing in absolutely perfectly for that finale, the hope is for more to come from Paul.”

Earlier this year, Steve Martin said he was “dismayed” by the fact Selena Gomez did not receive an Emmy nomination for her performance in the series.