‘Ozark’ season four part two reviews: “Some of the best event TV”

“The result is an ending that’s unbearably tense"

The first reviews of the final episodes of Ozark have just come in.

Part II of season four, which is the show’s last, will be released on Netflix on April 29, with critics having already watched previews.

“The result is an ending that’s unbearably tense, obliquely poignant, and some of the best event TV we’ve seen on any streaming service,” The Independent said of the finale, comparing it to Breaking Bad.


IndieWire also praised the new episodes, saying: “Even if you see the Byrdes’ felonious odyssey as a metaphor for the perils and pitfalls of a long-term marriage, raising children, and/or preserving the American ideal of family, the conclusion should click cleanly into place.”

However, some critics weren’t impressed with the finale, with GamesRadar calling the new episodes “anticlimactic”, writing: “There’s the familiar measured pacing, weighty themes, complicated storylines concerned with deals, betrayals, and murders that eventually come together.

“It’s a season that takes us slowly to the end, and doesn’t go out with a bang so much as a controlled burn. ”

Collider also struggled with the finale, praising the performances but criticising the pacing.

“When Ozark is focused on its strengths, it is as good as it has ever been,” they wrote. “When it gets caught up in the weeds of a frequently plodding plot and extraneous storylines, this momentarily dulls the experience.”


Jason Bateman, who plays lead character Marty Byrde on the show, recently suggested the finale will be “a happy ending, but they’re limping”.

The final episodes of Ozark will premiere later this week on Netflix.