‘Rick And Morty’ boss addresses season five leak

"I was bummed about it"

Rick And Morty’s showrunner has addressed the season five leak.

Scott Marder admitted he was “furious” when a “surprise” leak saw episode seven GoTron Jerrysis Rickvangelion air in the place of episode four, Rickdependence Spray, on Amazon Prime Video in Canada earlier this summer.

The mistake was quickly fixed, but clips of the later episode still circulated online before it was taken down.


“We’re really big on our security, and for that to be one…we rarely call things back,” Marder told Comicbook.com.

“In our minds, we were doing a special surprise in the same season. For that to air first in Canada, the only upside was that people didn’t understand it because…[it was] just a completely confusing, weird thing to them.”

He added: “I was bummed about it. You want things to air ideally in the order that you saw in your mind.”

Reviewing the season five finale of Rick And Morty, NME wrote: “‘Rickmurai Jack’ is both innovative and extremely clever. It also features the darkest joke ever told about Jerry.

“But it also positions Rick And Morty at something of a crossroads. If the episode spends its running time attempting to wriggle free from the lore demanded of the series, it largely succeeds. It also creates an ultra-convoluted template that the fanbase may well demand more of.”


The release date for season six of Rick And Morty is yet to be confirmed but new episodes are definitely in the works – here’s everything you need to know so far about the new run.