‘Rick and Morty’: Adult Swim shares surprise new mini episode online

Meet Rick WTM-72 and Shogun Morty.

Adult Swim has dropped a brand new mini-episode of Rick and Morty as fans eagerly await the second half of season four.

The new five-minute short, titled ‘Samurai & Shogun’, is a pretty intense and violent affair as an alternate dimension samurai Rick fights off a hoard of ninja Ricks.

In it, Rick WTM-72 is confronted by the group as he tries to move Shogun Morty, slicing some of them to pieces before the rest manage to trap him in a hallucinogenic state.


However, Rick breaks free of the illusion, killing the rest off before decapitating their master.

The short is actually the creation of Japanese animation studio Studio Deen, with Yohei Tadano providing the voice of Rick.

Adult Swim anime block Toonami’s co-creator Jason DeMarco revealed that they had spent a year working on the short.

“Yeah so we spent a year putting together a five minute Rick and Morty Lone Wolf & Cub anime short for you guys,” he tweeted. “Here it is, hope you dig it! Don’t tell me we don’t have the most fun!”


Rick and Morty took a break back in December five episodes into season four, though news has been scarce on when it will return.

The show has confirmed the second half will air in 2020, with random teasers hitting the internet in the last few months.

Adult Swim revealed that Rick and Morty would be getting 70 new episodes back in 2018, and co-creator Dan Harmon previously said that the fourth season would comprise of 10 episodes.