Simon Cowell jokes about his changing face on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

"I'll change my face...again"

Simon Cowell poked fun at his ever-changing face during a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent this past Saturday (May 20).

During an act in which contestant Tom Crosbie made an art piece of the faces of Albert Einstein and Judge Bruno Tonioli using Rubik’s Cubes, Cowell made a funny remark regarding his own face.

“How the hell did you do that?” asked Cowell after the art left all of the judges stunned. “Practice, lots of different faces. It turns out you have a really difficult face to make Rubik Cubes out of,” shared Crosbie.


Cowell quickly replied with a laugh: “I’ll change my face…again.”

Fans of the show took to twitter to respond to the banter. One viewer tweeted “God I love the banter on #BritainsGotTalent #BGT Simon saying outright he might need a new face.”

Cowell’s face has been a topic of interest these past few years due to his constant appearance change. Though he debunked the claims that he had a facelift, he did admit to having some botox done. Last year he announced he’s not planning to have any more Botox because of how it made him look.

The former X Factor judge has admitted that he had ‘gone a bit too far’ with his past treatments and at one point barely even recognised himself in the mirror. He told The Sun: “There was a stage where I might have gone a bit too far. I saw a picture of me from ‘before’ the other day, and didn’t recognise it as me first of all.”

“Eric (Cowell’s son) was in hysterics. Enough was enough. There is no filler in my face at all now. Zero.” He added: “There was a phase where everyone was having their faces pumped full of this and the other.


In other news, Cowell has previously addressed David Walliams’ departure from Britain’s Got Talent.

Speaking to The Sun about his exit, Cowell explained that he “didn’t really get involved in the decision”.

“From what I understand, he decided to step back,” he said. “It all happened relatively quickly. I was on holiday and then the next thing is I’m having conversations about who’s going to take his place.”

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