‘South Park’ creators pick best (and worst) episodes that you can binge during coronavirus lockdown

Time to hunker down with Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny

The creators of South Park have selected the best episodes to watch from the animated sitcom’s 23 seasons.

In a piece for EW, Trey Parker and Matt Stone guide readers through their 15 favourite episodes while also pointing to 53 shows they’d rather forget.

Favourites such as AWESOM-O, Trapped In The Closet, With Apologies To Jesse Jackson, and the Imaginationland Trilogy make the best of list, while Parker said he’d like to “permanently erase… anything before season 4. It’s just embarrassing to watch.”


The duo weren’t so keen on Pip (season four, episode five), Chef Goes Nanners (season four, episode eight) and A Million Little Fibers (season ten, episode five).

Cult classic South Park Is Gay (season seven, episode eight) was picked out for the “worst” list despite the memorable “Crab people, crab people / Taste like crab / Talk like people” song. “I love the crab-people song. But ‘crab people’ became this thing [in the writers’ room],” wrote Parker. “It’s like, you just know there’s something better, but you can’t think of it, and now you’ve just got to go with crab people.

Also on Parker and Stone’s list of favourites was season eight’s anime-inspired Good Times with Weapons”, season ten’s digital Make Love, Not Warcraft, and season 12’s Heavy Metal homage Major Boobage. “It adds this other level to see that animation style in with our crappy paper stuff,” said Stone.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s best South Park episodes:


Season two, episode one — Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus
Season eight, episode one — Good Times with Weapons
Season eight, episode two — AWESOM-O
Season eight, episode 14 — Woodland Critter Christmas
Season nine, episode six — The Death of Eric Cartman
Season nine, episode 12 — Trapped in the Closet
Season ten, episode eight — Make Love, Not Warcraft
Season 11, episode one — With Apologies to Jesse Jackson
Season 11, episodes 10-12 — Imaginationland Trilogy
Season 12, episode three — Major Boobage
Season 13, episode four — Eat, Pray, Queef
Season 13, episode 13 — Dances with Smurfs
Season 15, episode sevent — You’re Getting Old

Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s worst South Park episodes:

Season one-three, episodes 1-48 (“It’s like, ‘Really? We thought that was funny? We thought that was well-written? Oh my God, this is terrible,'” Parker)
Season four, episode five — Pip
Season four, episode eight — Chef Goes Nanners
Season seven, episode eight — South Park Is Gay
Season ten, episode five — A Million Little Fibers
Season ten, episode 14 — Stanley’s Cup

In others news, last November South Park was accused of transphobia over a new episode of the show.