Spider-Man character ‘Silk’ is getting a spin-off TV series

Are your Silk Senses tingling?

Spider-Man character Silk will be the focus of a new live-action TV series.

According to Variety, Sony (who owns rights to the Spider-Man characters) is developing a show about the Korean-American character.

Silk is also known as Cindy Moon, and is a classmate of Spider-Man/Peter Parker. She first made her appearance in the comic The Amazing Spider-Man #1 in 2014.


The character shares a lot of the same characteristics as Parker, in that she was bitten by a radioactive spider, has a “Silk Sense” (a step up from Parker’s Spider-Sense) and can shoot webs out of her fingertips.

Tiffany Espensen played Silk/Cindy in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but there is no word yet on any casting for the upcoming series.

The show would be helmed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who were initially hired to direct Star Wars spinoff Solo in 2017. The pair have now established a deal with Sony, and are in talks with Amazon to acquire the project, Variety reports.

In other Marvel news, last month Olivia Wilde was announced to be directing a new female-led Marvel film for Sony, with all signs pointing towards Spider-Woman.

Wilde shared the news by tweeting a spider emoji, but the film’s specific focus on Spider-Woman is yet to be officially confirmed by an external source.


There is no release date or cast confirmation on the Silk TV series or the Spider-Woman film yet – stay tuned for more news as it comes in.