‘Squid Game’ alarm clock video goes viral with doll wake-up call

The show’s animatronic doll makes an alarming comeback

A clock based on Netflix’s Squid Game has gone viral for its unforgiving wake-up alarm.

The concept piece is based on the animatronic doll featured in the show’s first episode, where contestants play the traditional Korean children’s game Red Light Green Light. The clock fires soft pellets – instead of actual bullets – at nearby sleepers once the alarm is triggered.

The clock itself isn’t available for purchase and only exists in a 3D concept video, shared on Instagram by creators Gaspar.3d and Nanvo.


The video however has still ignited fear on social media. One user on Twitter wrote: “Well this is straight up the scariest thing ever.”

Another wrote: “Looks like I’ve got an early front runner for my Secret Santa gift.”

Squid Game is on course to be one of Netflix’s most popular shows ever, after it became the first South Korean series to top the US Netflix chart.

The show has also sparked a sales surge for white slip-on Vans and other clothing featured in the series, including red jumpsuits and green tracksuits ahead of Halloween.

The nine-episode series follows a group of South Korean citizens who decide to enter a Hunger Games-style competition as a last resort, for a chance to win a massive cash prize.


A second season of the show has yet to be confirmed, although creator Hwang Dong-hyuk recently discussed ideas for a potential follow-up.

“One [idea] would be the story of the Front Man,” Hwang said, referring to the masked man who oversaw the tournament shown in the first season.

Squid Game is available to stream now on Netflix.

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