‘Squid Game’ sparks sales surge of white slip-on Vans by 7,800 per cent

‘Squid Game’ might be this year’s go-to Halloween outfit

Squid Game has sparked a spike in sales for white slip-on Vans since the show was released on Netflix last month.

The Korean survival drama series, primed to be the platform’s most popular show ever, has caused sales of the shoe to surge by 7,800 per cent, according to data provided by Sole Supplier.

According to Lyst, sales of general white slip-ons have also seen a 97 per cent spike following the show’s release.


This isn’t the only attire that’s gained popularity from Squid Game, with green tracksuits and red jumpsuits featured in the show also becoming best sellers before Halloween.

The nine-episode series follows a group of citizens who decide to enter a Hunger Games-style competition as a last resort, for a chance to win a massive cash prize.

A second season of the show has yet to be confirmed, although creator Hwang Dong-hyuk recently discussed ideas for a potential follow-up.

“One [idea] would be the story of the Front Man,” Hwang said, referring to the masked man who oversaw the tournament shown in the first season.

Cast member Wi Ha-joon, who plays detective Jun Ho, also spoke about the possibility of a follow-up and his hopes of returning to the show.


Squid Game has become so popular that a South Korean internet provider has sued Netflix following a huge surge in traffic due to people watching the show.

Squid Game is available to stream now on Netflix.

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