‘Stranger Things’ season four celebrated with new Vans footwear and clothing

A “head-to-toe” collection that follows Metallica's recent 'Hellfire Club' collaboration

Vans have announced a new range of Stranger Things season four footwear and apparel.

The new drop, which will launch for Vans Family Members on August 23 before the general sale opens on August 26 – is a “head-to-toe” collection that follows Metallica’s recent ‘Hellfire Club’ collaboration with the Netflix series.

Among the collection are: trainers that feature artwork of the Upside Down; the Hellfire Club, and Surfer Boy Pizza. Elsewhere, there’s a Hellfire Club denim jacket and some crossover t-shirts.


“Friends don’t lie,” Vans said in a statement. “A full Vans x Stranger Things collection inspired by all your season 4 favourites is coming soon.”

It follows Metallica teaming up with Stranger Things earlier this month to launch a new line of Hellfire Club-themed merchandise.

The metal band have been enjoying a huge resurgence of their 1986 track ‘Master Of Puppets’ of late after it soundtracked a pivotal scene in the finale of the show’s fourth season.

Eddie Munson (portrayed by Joseph Quinn) plays the song on guitar in the Upside Down to distract a horde of demonic bats protecting the lair of sinister villain Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower).

Munson is the leader of the Hellfire Club, a Dungeons & Dragons group at Hawkins High that also includes Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin).


The members have their own Hellfire Club shirts, which has inspired Metallica to create their own spin on the tee.

“Eddie, this one’s for you,” they wrote to announce the line. “We’re having the most metal meeting ever of The Hellfire Club so we’re scouting out ‘lost sheep’ and outsiders to join. Do you think you have what it takes? Then suit up.”

In other news, Stranger Things actor Joe Keery has discussed the panicked reaction to ‘Protect Steve’ billboards used to promote the show’s fourth season.

Ahead of season four’s final two episodes, released in July, Netflix debuted a number of billboards emblazoned with the words ‘Protect Steve’ surrounded by roots related to the overgrowth in the Upside Down.

The marketing ploy caused many fans to fear for the safety of Keery’s character Steve Harrington in the final two episodes, something that amuses the actor.

“That was some very funny Netflix marketing,” laughed Keery to NME. “It’s pretty funny because they just freaked everybody out, but they knew how it ended!

“It was like: ‘why are they saying this?’ Why are they doing this to everyone!”