Studio behind ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ receives drama remake offers from US, Japan and more

"I think the favourable and hopeful message in ['Extraordinary Attorney Woo'] will resonate with people all around the world," Astory CEO Lee Sang-baek said

The studio behind the hit K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has shared that it has received multiple offers for remakes from various countries, including the US and Japan.

South Korean news outlet Yonhap News Agency reported on September 6 that Astory, the production company behind the hit Netflix series Extraordinary Attorney Woo, had received proposals for remakes of the series from multiple countries, such as the US, Japan, Turkey and Germany. The offers were made during the 2022 Broadcast Worldwide convention, a broadcasting content market held in Seoul last week.

Per Yonhap News Agency, Astory is currently in the midst of sorting out the details of local adaptations of the 16-episode series, sharing that it established a requirement of maintaining these individual adaptations to retain the show’s core themes. These include main character Woo Young-woo’s “warm heart towards the underprivileged and the significance of the whale”.


“I think the favourable and hopeful message in [Extraordinary Attorney Woo] will resonate with people all around the world,” Astory CEO Lee Sang-baek said. “I will participate in the production process of local adaptations in a bid to communicate the feeling and idea that [Extraordinary Attorney Woo] has to people across the world.”

Extraordinary Attorney Woo follows Woo Young-woo (The King’s Affection’s Park Eun-bin), a brilliant young lawyer with autism spectrum disorder. She soon forms a meaningful connection with colleague Lee Jun-ho (Run On’s Kang Tae-oh), which opens new and unfamiliar feelings for Woo as the duo work to solve different cases.

Following the worldwide success of the series, director Yoo In-sik expressed his gratitude towards the positive response to the legal drama. “I started off thinking that it’d be nice to make a drama that’s like a little garden where people can visit and take a break, but I feel like in an instant, it has turned into a field filled with blooming flowers,” the director said, as translated by Soompi. “I’d like to think that our viewers already had much larger and richer fields in their hearts than we expected.”