‘Succession’ star Brian Cox finally meets professor Brian Cox

"We can’t have two Brian Coxes"

Succession actor Brian Cox has finally met professor Brian Cox on BBC Breakfast.

The pair both appeared on this morning’s (November 18) episode of the show, discussing with host Charlie Stayt the number of run-ins they have had due to their identical names.

“Last night was very confusing when he arrived to the hotel and said there was two Brian Coxes so they said, ‘You’ve got two rooms,” said the Succession actor of the confusion when it came to checking in at a hotel.  


“[The professor] said, ‘No, I think there’s two Brian Coxes,’ and the hotel said, ‘We can’t have two Brian Coxes.’”

The academic then added: “They wouldn’t check me in! I had to change my name. I had to get a picture out on my phone and say, ‘This Brian Cox, he’ll be coming later,’ and he said, ‘I know neither of you. I don’t watch television.’”

Take a look at the pair’s meeting here:

Professor Cox added that he thought he might have to share a room with the Succession actor. “It might have happened because he was going to cancel – I had that in my mind!”

He also added that he has often been confused with the actor, saying: “Sometimes I’ll get in a car and the driver will say, ‘Ah I love Succession, I don’t like this astronomy stuff.”


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