Tanya Reynolds confirms she won’t appear in ‘Sex Education’ season four

“I think you have to let a few older characters go to make way for newer ones”

Tanya Reynolds has revealed she won’t return in the fourth season of Sex Education.

The actor, who plays Lily in the Netflix series, confirmed her departure in an interview while promoting upcoming Channel 4 comedy I Hate You.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com, Reynolds said: “I’m not [returning], actually, which is sad, very sad.


“It’s just the natural progression of these shows – when you have such big ensemble casts and so many characters, I think you have to let a few older characters go to make way for newer ones, which is absolutely the right thing, the way it should happen.”

Patricia Allison, who plays Ola Nyman, also confirmed earlier this month that she won’t appear in the show’s fourth season.

Sex Education Netflix
Tanya Reynolds and Patricia Allison as Lily and Ola in ‘Sex Education’ CREDIT: Netflix

In an interview on Capital Xtra, Allison said: “I have absolutely loved being on Sex Education so much and playing Ola, but unfortunately I won’t be joining the team for season four.

“I’m so sorry to have to break that to you guys, but I’m just going to be doing some other little things. Some other opportunities have come up. I’ve been doing it for three years and I’ve genuinely loved it.”

Netflix renewed Sex Education for a fourth season last  September, days after the third season was released. A release date has yet to be announced.


In a three-star review of season threeNME wrote: “Otis and Maeve used to offer the show’s most compelling narrative, but the stakes now feel a lot lower. There are still wise musings on love and adolescence, but season three fails to build on the show’s foundations.

“Moordale is still the same place fans fell in love with, but these new episodes do little to take that relationship to the next level.”