‘Ted Lasso’ star teases season three release date

Cristo Fernández has suggested the new episodes could be out in 2022

Ted Lasso star Cristo Fernández has revealed where things stand with the third season, suggesting the new episodes could be out later this year.

Speaking in a new interview, the actor – who portrays player Dani Rojas in the Apple TV+ football comedy – confirmed that filming had been underway for the past few months.

“We’re very excited to be back on set and, thankfully, these times are different than last year, as in COVID-wise,” he told PopCulture.


“Last year we were shooting in the middle of lockdown, but at least now the city has reopened. I’m just really amazed of how talented the writers are in the show. The scripts are so good.”

Ted Lasso
Ted Lasso (Credit: Apple TV+)

He added: “We’ve been shooting for the last two months, things are going well, and I’m hopeful. Hopefully, the fans will love our Season 3, which, hopefully, will be at the end of the year as well, out.

“I’m really grateful with the show, very happy to be back with the cast and crew, so it’s been really nice.”

Fernández also revealed that they had “been shooting lots of jokes my character will have”, adding: “I’m really happy and excited there’s going to be lots of football this season, so for all the football fans out there, lots of football and also, I mean, there’s really important key moments, which all of our characters, so I think this season three, it’s going to have a really good… So, hopefully, people will like it.”


The Emmy-winning show streamed its second outing last year, though details on what will happen in the third season have remained under wraps so far.

Jamie Tart actor Phil Dunster teased in October: “Jason [Sudeikis] knows what the story arc is. He sprinkles ideas of what’s going to come here and there but there’s nothing really specific. They’re in the writers room now and we’ll see what happens.”

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran confirmed last year that he has been asked to write a song for Ted Lasso season three, revealing on The Jonathan Ross Show: “I got asked to do a song for the next season,” before fellow guest and Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham urged: “Do it! You’ve said it here – you have to now!”