‘The Boys’ creator Eric Kripke addresses misogynistic hate towards Erin Moriarty: “Eat a bag of dicks”

"Fuck off to the sun & don't watch," Eric Kripke wrote to the trolls

The Boys creator Eric Kripke has addressed the misogynistic hate that’s been levelled against one of the show’s cast members, Erin Moriarty.

Posting to Twitter today (September 8), Kripke called Moriarty’s critics “trolls”, and wrote that the treatment of the actor — who plays the role of Annie January across the show’s three seasons — is “causing pain to real people with real feelings.”

“This is literally the opposite of the show’s fucking message,” Kripke said, “Be kind. If you can’t be kind, then eat a bag of dicks, fuck off to the sun & don’t watch [The Boys], we don’t want you.”


The message from Kripke — who has served as the showrunner of the superhero series since it began in 2019 — comes after Moriarty herself addressed her own reaction to the online hate. Yesterday (September 7), Moriarity reposted to her Instagram a fan-written article titled #IStandWithStarlight?: The Betrayal of Erin Moriarty by The Boys fans.

In the article, user @butcherscanary compared the treatment of Moriarty to that of her character, writing that “the harassment feels… worse given the context of her role as Starlight on the show, a woman silenced and sexualised.”

In her response, Moriarty thanked the writer and agreed that she feels “silenced”, “dehumanized” and “paralysed” by the online bullying. The actor went on to explain the effort she’s put into the role before concluding that she “empathises” and “forgives” the trolls.

“This does break my heart – I’ve opened up a vein for this role and misogynistic trolling is exactly what [Annie] would speak out against… This has only strengthened my empathy muscle and to anyone who comes at me: I see you, I don’t hate you, I only empathize and forgive.”


The news comes on the same day that fellow Amazon series The Lord of The Rings: Rings of Power likewise addressed online hate towards its cast. In a statement shared to Twitter, the show’s actors condemned “the relentless racism, threats” and harassment received by its “castmates of color,” writing collectively that they “refuse to ignore it or tolerate it.”

In a four-star review of The Boys’ third season — which premiered in June and featured among NME’s best shows of 2022 — NME’s Ali Shutler wrote that “season three… toys with the successful formula but maintains jaw-dropping results throughout…It’s still the most adult, most graphic and most fun superhero show around.”