‘The Boys’ star Aya Cash recalls initially feeling “terrible” about villain role

"A lot of feelings were coming up..."

The Boys star Aya Cash has said she “felt terrible” about the potential impact of her character Stormfront.

The actress, who plays the villain in the Amazon superhero show, recalled her initial hesitation at taking on the role.

“I have no problem playing deeply unlikable people or villains,” Cash told Collider‘s Ladies Night podcast, exploring Stormfront who in season two is revealed to be a Nazi and white supremacist.


“Obviously this was gonna be something that needed to be handled with intelligence and was not going to be glorifying this character in a way that I disagreed with,” she continued, “but it would be in service to something. So after talking to [showrunner] Eric [Kripke], I felt in very, very good hands.”

Of her experience on set, Cash added: “As we went through and as scripts came through and I learned more and Eric sort of told me the arc of the season before we started as well, I got very excited and nervous because it’s a big thing that they were trying to pull off and I hope that we did.

“I definitely had moments where I felt terrible that people might have been hurt by this character and seeing this character.”

She continued: “I mean, let’s be honest, 2020 was an incredibly intense year for many, many reasons with the pandemic but also with a racial reckoning in America and I’m playing a white supremacist. So a lot of feelings were coming up…”

Stormfront was killed off at the end of season two of The Boys, and said last month she is doubtful the series will find a way for her to return. Season three officially started shooting earlier this year, with a release date yet to be confirmed.