New ‘Mandalorian’ set photos showcase realistic environments

Check out these cool new behind-the-scenes looks

A series of new, behind-the-scenes photos from The Mandalorian have been released online, showcasing the lengths creators went to make the environments realistic.

Industrial Light and Magic VFX Virtual Production Supervisor Ian Milham shared a few photos from the filming of the Star Wars series, which show actors performing in front of photo-realistic screens.

“So a couple years ago I had a talk with @ILMVFX about real time environments,” he tweeted. “They wouldn’t share too much, but I still joined up. Next thing you know, they hand us the keys to THIS.”


Milham also promised there were “more to come as they release it”.

The Disney+ series has become a hit since it debuted last year on the new streaming platform, particularly thanks to the pop culture sensation that is Baby Yoda.

Star Wars creator George Lucas recently ‘met’ the viral sensation himself, with Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau sharing a picture online of the two together.

The character was created through a realistic puppet, and star Werner Herzog called out the crew at one point for almost replacing Baby Yoda with CGI.


Meanwhile, Favreau recently revealed that the second season of the show had already started filming after the show was officially renewed at the end of 2019.

In NME‘s review of the first episode, we wrote: “Shamelessly swashbuckling and oddly old-fashioned for a series that has so much to gain from winning over newer, younger viewers, episode one is an absolute treat for Star Wars fans who have been waiting years for this.”