The Melbourne house ‘Kath & Kim’ was filmed in is being demolished

The series was shot in “Chateau Kath” between 2002 and 2007

The Melbourne house in which Kath & Kim was filmed during its original six-year run – between 2002 and 2007 – is in the process of being demolished by its current owners.

In the show, “Chateau Kath” was situated in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Fountain Lakes. Rather than build it as a set on a soundstage, Kath & Kim’s producers filmed the scenes set there inside an actual house – situated at 4 Lagoon Place, Patterson Lakes – which was rented out for the duration of the show’s production. The house was sold to its current owners in 2016, who paid $1.485million for it.

As reported by TV Tonight, demolition of the house, carried out by the company Dig Dig Demolition, began on Monday (May 2). It’s expected to be fully torn down within a fortnight.


In an interview given to ABC Radio in Melbourne, Pete Rowsthorn – who played Kim Craig’s husband, Brett – said filming in the house was an interesting experience. “It was a weird house,” he said, quipping that he would “probably pull it down too” if it were his.

“It had really quite small rooms,” Rowsthorn continued. “The squeaky back door, that was all natural sound. There was no foley man putting that on top.”

The actor did recall some positive memories, though, many of which including legendary Australian celebrities. “I played cricket in the backyard with Shane Warne,” he said, “I danced in the garage with Kylie Minogue, [and] I sat and had dinner with Barry Humphries dressed up as a monk.”

Renowned as one of Australia’s most iconic – and quotable – sitcoms, Kath & Kim ran for a total of four seasons, its first three on the ABC and the last on Channel 7. There was also a telemovie, Da Kath And Kim Code, released in 2005, as well as a theatrical film, Kath & Kimderella, in 2012. While the show was acclaimed throughout its original run, the feature-length adaptation was largely panned by critics.


Rumours of a Kath & Kim reboot have circulated for years, most recently through the magazine Woman’s Day. Crew members had reportedly been scoping out the Patterson Lakes house prior to its demolition, with an unnamed source claiming they’d done so in the lead-up to production of a reboot. “It was unimaginable neighbours could keep TV’s biggest secret under wraps much longer,” the source told Woman’s Day on Monday (per Yahoo!).