‘The Simpsons’ writer reveals Easter egg about Mr Burns’ telephone greeting

"This is it! The thing I’m most proud of"

A writer on The Simpsons has revealed that his most “proud” moment was creating a Mr Burns Easter egg that references a famous inventor.

Josh Weinstein, who wrote episodes and also worked as a showrunner on the iconic cartoon until its eighth season, responded to a Simpsons fan account on Twitter after it shared a still of Mr Burns greeting a person on the phone.

“Ahoy-hoy?” says the wealthy megalomaniac. As Daily Simpsons History pointed out, the it’s been suggested in the past that the phrase alluded to Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, who states it was the proper way to answer a call.


Weinstein picked up on the Twitter post, writing that he was “obsessed” with the little-known fact about Bell, and that the use of it in the show was the achievement he was “most proud of”.

“This is it!” Weinstein wrote. “The thing I’m most proud of. [Writing partner] Bill Oakley and I were obsessed with this little known fact and thought it was perfect for Mr Burns. Bell preferred ‘Ahoy-hoy’ while his arch-enemy Thomas Edison preferred ‘Hello.’ Edison won but we tried to even the score.”

Meanwhile, Al Green, showrunner of The Simpsons, has shared details of another potential spin-off film to follow The Simpsons Movie (2007).

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