‘The Sopranos’ cast once pranked James Gandolfini with a fart machine

Lorraine Bracco was the mastermind of the prank

Lorraine Bracco, star of The Sopranos, has revealed how she and the show’s cast used to prank James Gandolfini with a fart machine.

Bracco was speaking on the latest episode of Gangster Goddess Broad-cast, the podcast of Drea De Matteo, who played Adriana La Cerva in the iconic HBO show.

Bracco, who played Dr Jennifer Melfi on The Sopranos, spoke of her iconic therapy scenes in the show with the late Gandolfini (Tony Soprano).


She explained how she had a fart machine taped underneath her chair with help from a crew member, and used it to prank Gandolfini.

“I said to Jimmy, ‘Listen, I don’t feel good, I don’t know what I ate, I’m sweating,'” she said. “So I set it up — my stomach is killing me, the whole thing. Then with Marchetti, I would [clench up], and he would press the button.”

After suspecting a prank, Gandolfini tried to find a whoopie cushion on Bracco’s chair, but finds nothing. “Jimmy finally said, ‘You’re fucking around with me,’ and he grabs me and he takes my chair and he lifts up the cushion — but there’s nothing there!”

Earlier this year, Sopranos co-creator David Chase appeared to accidentally confirm the long-running mystery over Tony Soprano’s fate in the show’s finale, while speaking as part of a roundtable discussion with his Sopranos co-creator Alan Sepinwall.

The surviving members of The Sopranos cast headed out on a UK theatre tour last year to celebrate 20 years of the show.