‘The Walking Dead’ director explains why Carl and Negan scene couldn’t happen

"I'm not really afraid to dive into whatever it is, even if it's politically incorrect or evil or dark"

A director on The Walking Dead has explained why a scene between Carl and Negan played out very differently than planned in the show’s seventh season.

In the episode ‘Sing Me A Song’, the antagonistic Negan shows Carl (Rick Grimes’ teenage son) his “wives” and encourages him to look at them.

Director Rosemary Rodriguez detailed how there were reservations when it came to filming, regarding the depiction of sexual content involving a minor, namely in the clothes worn by the women who would be objectified.


“Part of the conversation, for me – which I didn’t quite win, to be honest with you – was what they were going to be wearing,” Rodriguez explained to Undead Walking.

Referring to the way the scene plays out in The Walking Dead comics, the director added, “I really wanted a reaction from him (Carl) in seeing women in really sexy… like seeing them, their cleavage, really being a little bit more explicit.

“Particularly for the show, because it’s so out there and not what we do. Because I like extremes and because I’m not really afraid to dive into whatever it is, even if it’s politically incorrect or evil or dark, I just want to go as far as we can.”

The Walking Dead producers disagreed with Rodriguez however, as the women wore black dresses in the final version of the scene. “I think Scott [Gimple] and everybody were trying to adhere to the bigger picture, and being aware of the fans and what was going to happen.”

The season 10 finale of The Walking Dead is due for release later this year, following delays due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.